Happy Spring! Goodbye, Cabin Fever!

On February 3, we celebrated the “Setsubun” ritual, which performs throwing roasted beans at people dressed as demons or wearing demon masks.
There are various theories about the origin of this tradition, but it is said that it began in the fifteenth century, during the Muromachi period.  Formerly it was believed that when the seasons changed, evil spirits and demons were born, and roasted beans were used to drive them away and attract good luck.

The following day, February 4, is considered the start of spring.
However, last week it snowed in Tokyo!  So for the real arrival of spring I think we still have to wait a little longer.
Although wearing mask is still must, we are spending quiet and easy daily life preventing to get infected.
In Japan, the percentage of vaccinated with the third dose is still only approximately 10% of the population, but the government is making hard efforts to constantly increase this figure.

Spring is just around the corner. We wish this spring make bright your life.
Looking forward to reopening borders and we are able to travel foreign countries with no restrictions again.
Hope to see you soon!

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